Ember pot making and marshmallows

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We will use fire to burn the inside of a small log to form a pot

This fun activity will help to teach children the correct use of fire and the risks involved. There is a high risk of minor burns but we will reduce the risk for any cautious children (and can increase the risk for the more adventurous!). You will be able to take home your very own wooden pot.

There are 4 sessions:

Tue, May 16th from 6:00PM to 6:30PM
Tue, May 16th from 6:30PM to 7:00PM
Tue, May 16th from 7:00PM to 7:30PM
Tue, May 16th from 7:30PM to 8:00PM

As there is a risk of burn holes in clothing and wood ash on clothing, please ensure old clothes and shoes are worn.

Minor smoke inhalation is also likely so this event is not suitable for anyone who suffers severe or uncontrolled breathing problems.

The location is Snapdragons CIC at the East end of Victoria Park.

Suitable for children of age 7+


Starts on Tuesday 16th May 2023 at 6:00pm and finishes at 8:00pm

Age Considerations

Children over 7 years old


Where's It To?

This event is being held at/starts at Snapdragons, Victoria Park




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