2023 Photography Competition

Huge congratulations to our photography competition winners and runners-up!

A big thank you so our expert judge Adrian Fisk who has given all four his feedback.

The winners will both receive a £100 voucher and a framed print by local artist Kevin Tole.

The runners-up will both receive a copy of the wonderful book The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition, the standard was really high. We will be sharing more of them on our Instagram and Facebook pages so make sure you follow us if you'd like to see more (links at the bottom of the page)!

Adult winner: John Robson

The Trees chopped down on Armada Way mark a clear divide between the top of the City Centre and the bottom. Despite becoming much less busy in recent years, it is still thriving in the Pannier Market and has a renewed community spirit. The blossom on this tree is only fleeting, once a year and then it's gone, much like some of the retailers on the Highstreet in the last few decades. The background is some of the colourful paint added to the area in recent years.

Tree Location

Market Avenue

Judge's Comments

This photograph is like a painting. I love how the angular blocks of background enhance the non-conformist lines of the tree helping make all elements of the tree stand out. There is great use of colour with the tree flowers reflecting the grey of the blocks. The image is well-paced and spaced and has room to breathe with good composition. This photograph also reflects how trees and urban environments can work well together rather than being in confrontation.

John Robson's tree

Under 18 Winner: Martha Beard

An ongoing path covered by lush overgrown trees.

Tree Location

Plymbridge Woods

Judge's Comments

I love the zesty vibrance in this photograph. It's very alive and reflects nature's waking after six months of hibernation. The trees draw you in, making the viewer want to walk the path and wonder at the beauty of the trees above. The composition is strong leading the eye nicely into the frame with the blue sky playing against the green leaves. It's like a walk into the Garden of Eden.

Martha Beard's tree

Adult Runner-Up: Paul Harvey

This was taken at Saltram House during one of their Christmas light displays. The majestic oak was uplit and I just took a quick snap on my phone. I loved how the trunk and branches stood out against the inky black sky. It reminds me of a sleeping giant, with the energy and life potential dormant within.

Tree Location

Saltram House

Judge's Comments

The ghost-like nature of this image reminds us that trees are not here forever and we must do all we can to protect them. There is a visceral sense of each branch and twig which in many ways reminds me of a scientific picture of a lung turned upside down, which of course is exactly what trees are, the lungs of the planet. The choice to illuminate the tree in yellow is not obvious and therefore creates something new and different. When I see the photo I know it's about a tree and nothing else. It’s clear in its communication.

Paul Harvey's tree

Under 18 Runner-Up: Emily Pearce

The tall tree. I have chosen this image because it shows the radiant emerald green leaves. The sky was lucent in the background which created a better chance for a high-quality photo.

Tree Location

Victoria Park

Judge's Comments

I like the simplicity of this photograph. Though there are different trees in the frame it’s the Connifer which is possibly a Cedar or Scotts Pine that stands out. The bark has texture which helps to bring out the magic and deep richness of the green pine needles as well as other leaves. The composition works with how the sky allows the tree to breathe within the frame.

Emily Pearce's tree